The Coffee Personalities of the #GambelGirls


By: Lindsey R. Andry, Communications Strategist

Working in an office of all women, we hear almost daily, “That’s a lot of estrogen. You ladies must bicker constantly, right?”

Actually, wrong.

These ladies are like my best friends. It is quite the phenomenon to many of our clients and colleagues how close all nine of us are – especially in 1,000 jam-packed square feet of office space. Having spent the last two years with them, I’ve naturally taken note of each team member’s quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Call us cliché, but these PR maniacs love our fair share of coffee! Take a step into our caffeine-fueled world as I compare our personalities to espressos, teas and more. Each unique #GambelGirl has a beautiful disposition that correlates with one of the myriad of coffee beverages brewed every single second.

Betsie – AdvoCare Spark®. You might not believe it, but our fearless, unwavering leader doesn’t need coffee – she’s a never-ending source of energy all on her own!

Amy – Dark Roast. For the bold woman that is Amy Boyle Collins, could you really imagine it any other way? Her unmistakable prowess and confident demeanor pair perfectly with a solid, strong brew.

Christine – Well… this depends on the time of day for this former barista. Morning? Iced coffee. Mid-afternoon break? Skinny Vanilla Latté. If she’s really living on the edge of her Type-A ways, maybe a mini vanilla scone to complement her many flavors as she effortlessly juggles a daunting number of tasks!

Gretchen – Iced Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel drizzle. Carefree, sweet and pleasant with each sip! Gretchen’s smile instantly lights up a room and refreshes our small space daily, just like this specialty drink.

Sarah – Decaf anything – especially a Todd’s frozen cappuccino. With baby Gabriel on the way (third trimester, y’all!), this atypical choice is only temporary. Just goes to show how things are constantly changing in our crazy, fast-paced world.

Reneé – Stick with the classic Café au Lait. With almond milk and Stevia, of course. If you so much as think the words Splenda, simple syrup or – wait for it – high fructose corn syrup in front of her, prepare for a fierce stare.

Darcee – Hazelnut. A brew that is nutty, sweet and flavorful – how appropriate for this Wyomingite turned NOLA transplant #GambelGirl. She brings an unexpected, delightful flavor to our team, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rosalind – Cold brew iced coffee with half and half – with just a dash of cinnamon on top. But only a dash, and not a spec more! The designer of all coffee drinks for this sassy, sparkling fashionista.

And me, Lindsey? As the proud daughter of two NOLA natives, I’m convinced my blood type is half coffee and chicory. Simple, but a timeless classic. Tell me what you think this says about me – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Regardless of how we drink it, our team is quite the colorful mix of caffeine. No matter where our personalities fall on the coffee spectrum, you can be sure we’re always well-wired to take on the next press conference, content calendar or special event – just as soon as we hit our favorite java spot.