Social Media

Social media is an integral communication tool to engage in direct conversation with target audiences and monitor brands. Managing a brand and engaging desired target audiences online takes a strategic, layered approach just as it does with traditional public relations strategies. Gambel Communications is on top of the rapidly changing trends in social media, providing your company with the edge it needs to stand out from competitors.

Gambel Communications provides consultation, as well as turnkey implementation of a myriad of social media tactics. Based on the goals discussed with a client, Gambel Communications recommends the following social media tactics be considered:

Social Media 101 Training

Gambel Communications offers social media training to individuals and business. Prior to the workshop, Gambel Communications conducts an extensive social media audit of your brand. The customized training session includes an introduction to social media, guidelines to follow, account set-up instruction, six-month strategy outline and content suggestions. The workshop lasts a half-day with optional continued support.

Content Creation

Content creation must be consistent to be effective, and many companies find that hiring an outside agency for social media postings is a better use of time and resources. Gambel Communications keeps your social media sites fresh by providing rich content on a consistent basis. Content is comprised of a variety of mediums, including photos, video, trivia, news links and news updates, and designed by our in-house creatives using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop for a clean look. We work closely with your company as an extension of your team to ensure that messaging is reflective of your brand.

Measurement & Analytics

At Gambel Communications we approach social media as a science. We look behind the content posted to measure the engagement created, honing in on what messaging your audience is most receptive to and when they are most open to receiving it. Our staff is cross-trained in measurement and analytic tools (e.g. Facebook Analytics, Sprout Social, Hootsuite).

Gambel Communications raised awareness about the Steamboat NATCHEZ as a wedding venue through the “Tie the Knot on the Natchez Wedding Sweepstakes” on Facebook.

Gambel Communications raised awareness about the Steamboat NATCHEZ as a wedding venue through the “Tie the Knot on the Natchez Wedding Sweepstakes” on Facebook.

Promotions/Custom Tabs

After establishing a social media presence, promotions are a great tool to draw traffic to your page and ultimately to your business. Gambel Communications assists clients in devising promotions through social media proven to increase numbers of fans, followers and traffic. Our staff is trained in third party contest applications (e.g. Wildfire, Short Stack) in accordance with Facebook’s promotion guidelines.


Whether your company has a social media presence or not, your brand is being talked about on social media. Monitoring your brand on social media is an important part of brand research and can be an extension to customer service when followed-up correctly. Gambel Communications utilizes social media software to track mentions and respond to engage customers and potential customers in conversation.


Social media advertising is a cost effective way to reach a highly targeted audience with your message. Gambel Communications can recommend and implement ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter (promoted tweets) and LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In today’s tech-savvy market, the first place a consumer searches for information on a product, service or event is the web. Search is king for brand awareness, and search campaigns on Google and the Yahoo/Bing network are an important part of marketing mix.

SEO and SEM work together to increase online visibility. SEO is the process of organically improving the ranking of a website in search results through keywords, site structure, ranking factors, indexability and competitive analysis. The deliverables for SEO services include a full audit document detailing areas that need to be improved.

SEM is a paid search campaign, including Google AdWords and Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. The beauty of search engine marketing is the customization and measurability. Campaigns can be targeted by search terms and the user’s online identity. In addition, the consumer process can be tracked from the first click to the final purchase. Gambel Communications can work with your online team to provide SEO and SEM support, or handle the entire campaign based on your needs.

Notable social media campaigns include:

  • Award-winning “Tie the Knot on the NATCHEZ” New Orleans wedding giveaway – View Case Study
  • Kick-starting Gray Line’s social media presence – View Case Study