Public Relations

Gambel Communications knows the power of public relations. Positioning clients in the public eye, public relations is more than simply a segment on a news program.  While media coverage, or “earned media,” is important, a public relations strategy cultivates consumer trust through a variety of sources including media outlets, interviews, online blogs, face-to-face meetings with influencers, special events, website placements, printed collateral, grassroots campaigns, public service initiatives and peer reviews.

The power of public relations lies in strategic placement through relevant trusted sources. Studies consistently show public relations is perceived as more authentic and of greater perceived value than paid media, thus giving you a better return on your dollar than advertising

Gambel Communications works to define clients’ goals, developing customized public relations strategies especially for them. Public relations services include:

  • Messaging: Gambel Communications refines clients’ most important messages into salient, sellable series of statements designed to properly position clients to their desired audiences.

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  • Internal Communications: Gambel Communications puts clients’ internal customers to work with effective communication targeted specifically to them.
  • Media Relations: In this dynamic and shifting media landscape, Gambel Communications knows where to place clients’ messages to best meet their goals.
  • Community Relations: Gambel Communications assists clients in grassroots initiatives that Gretchen on FOX 2generate the word-of-mouth buzz to lift messaging above the crowded media landscape.  
  • Cause Marketing & Partnerships: Partnering clients with people and organizations in a mutually-beneficial manner is a hallmark of Gambel Communications.
  • Networking and Introductions: Whether it’s City Hall, parish government or the head chef at your favorite New Orleans restaurant – Gambel Communications knows everyone! Gambel is strong in New Orleans, across the state of Louisiana and beyond.
  • Media Training: From radio to print to live television interviews, Gambel Communications has the expertise to prepare the face (or faces) of clients for any media interview opportunity. Media training includes the basics of dealing with the print and broadcast media, messaging and delivery techniques, content-specific messaging and on-camera practice.

Notable award-winning public relations campaigns include: