Morning Rituals

By: Christine Rigamer, APR

A few months ago, I started something new – working out at 6 AM on weekdays. Now, for those of y’all who are early birds, this is not anything earth shattering, but for me it was a bit of a… well, let’s just say it was a bit of an adjustment.

Long story short, adding something new into my mornings got me thinking about my morning routine and how what you do before you get to your desk or check email on your phone really sets the tone for your whole day.

I took a quick poll of the #GambelGirls and here’s a few of our top must haves to ensure the morning starts off right:

Meditation –  Having the right mindset is everything. Taking a few minutes early in the morning to meditate or pray and reflect on your intention for the day is an investment in you. New to mediation? You can always ease into it by trying some light stretching or breathing exercises.

Exercise – There is strength in numbers! Quite a few of the #GambelGirls wake up early to work out. A few of us take barre class before going into the office, while others go for a morning walk in the park. Exercising in the morning has many benefits – it kick starts your metabolism, pumps you up to take on the day and removes the excuse of cancelling mid-afternoon when post-work happy hour plans are oh so more enticing than hitting the gym.

Picking Our Your Outfit (night before) – Technically this doesn’t happen in the morning, but picking out your work outfit the night before definitely makes your morning smoother. A dear colleague of mine actually slates time on Sunday evenings to pick out her outfits for the week – shoes, accessories, everything. I’m not quite that organized on a Sunday, but I love the idea of working up to doing this so that it’s one less thing to worry about in the morning.

Coffee – This one surprisingly wasn’t the top of the list, but coffee is a morning must. Back in college I was a coffee barista and witnessed firsthand that some individuals (myself included) are more prepared to take on whatever the day holds after a few transformative sips from a good cup of coffee. There’s something I can’t quite pin down about it, but it works so I’m not going to question it.

Three Kisses – My little family has a tradition that no one leaves the house without three kisses. Not one or two, but three. I’d love to say that it was intentional for past, present and future, but it’s not – two just didn’t seem like enough. It’s such a quick moment before I step outside to dash into the car, but it makes all the difference to starting my day off right.

So, what’s your morning must?